Saturday, November 29, 2014

Faux fur and sweaters.

Hello there my fellow friends! I hope yall are doing greaaaat :-) well I want to apologize for the quality of my blog because I'm still trying to figure out how this all works and stuff so please be patient haha! Well today's pictures were taken mostly at the golden gate park. If you haven't visited this place please do so its stunning and there's so much scenery! 
In today's look I was looking for a comfy/ warm look because well we all know SF weather can get pretty chilly! Faux fur can be worn dressed up or a bit more casual as you can see I did here. It all just depends how you put it together. I wanted to take more pictures, but I wasn't able to but I will do my best to take more HD pictures for yall to enjoi :-)

Faux fur vest: forever 21
Turtleneck sweater: Gap ( you can tell I love this store if you look at my other posts lol) 
Jeans: Gap
Purse: Target
Boots: Cathy Jean 

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