Monday, December 15, 2014

Leather pants are fun.

This outfit that I wore I tried to put together a somewhat dressy but still semi casual outfit. Leather pants and faux fur are definetly something that is trending right now. I'm so into the faux fur right now you guys probably noticed that from my previous posts haha! Leather pants are so fun to style I'm so glad I was able to invest in a pair and they really weren't expensive at all. You guys should do the same :-) Be bold,don't be afraid to wear them out it sorta makes me feel like a rebel when I wear them lol I'm Jp!
What I'm wearing:
Leather pants: forever 21
Fur vest: Ross ($20)
Sweater: Thrift town ( about 2 bucks)
Button up: Thrift town as well
Necklace: Jcpenney 
Cheetah print loafers: ANDREA (a shoe company from Mexico, it's the bomb check it out peeps!)
Watch: Fossil store

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Casual Sunday

Hello there my dear friendzzz that are reading this today! Hope you guys are having a wonderful day :-) I love this time of year it's my favorite month. We always have a lot of relatives come visit us and it always feels great to have people over. This weekend my cousins from Guatemala came over and we took them to San Francisco. You know the usual place everyone wants to go haha! You can never get bored in the city though I absolutely love my city! But here are a few pics of my adventure today at the golden gate park. 
Today's outfit was very casual I didn't want to be too dressy. I chose to wear some boyfriend pants, a blazer and a rollingstone shirt pretty basic lol.. You can never go wrong with a band shirt they always make you a bit edgier which I enjoy ;) lol!
What I'm wearing: 
Olive blazer: thrift town( $4 truly a catch)
Shirt: target (in the men's section) lol 
Boyfriend Jeans: The Gap
Combat boots: the fashion district in LA ( for $10!)
Purse: Thrift town as well ;-)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas spirit at the Oakland temple.

Hello there beautiful people who are reading this todaaay! :-) well I just want to start off by saying how happy I am that Christmas is so close! Hearing the Christmas music and tree decorating and all that good stuff is sooo much fun I loveee it! But I'd like to take the time to say that this is the time where love and kindness should be spread around the world even more than the usual,to show our gratitude for all that Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father have given and done for us, but most importantly to celebrate his birth. Now a days it seems people focus on the gifts and who gets the coolest presents.. Don't get me wrong those things are "cool"but we must remember the true meaning of Christmas. But let me stop rambling and get down to business ;-) lol
Today's adventure was at the oakland temple. My friend and I went to go watch the Blackhawk chorus which btw was amazing! Those people got vocals for days sure wish I could sing like them haha! But the Christmas spirit is definetly felt here, it's beautiful.
What I'm wearing :
 dress: bought at a local thrift shop
Fur shawl: local thrift shop
Heels: Ross 
Anne Klein Purse: Macy's 
Pearl Bracelets: forever 21