Sunday, December 14, 2014

Casual Sunday

Hello there my dear friendzzz that are reading this today! Hope you guys are having a wonderful day :-) I love this time of year it's my favorite month. We always have a lot of relatives come visit us and it always feels great to have people over. This weekend my cousins from Guatemala came over and we took them to San Francisco. You know the usual place everyone wants to go haha! You can never get bored in the city though I absolutely love my city! But here are a few pics of my adventure today at the golden gate park. 
Today's outfit was very casual I didn't want to be too dressy. I chose to wear some boyfriend pants, a blazer and a rollingstone shirt pretty basic lol.. You can never go wrong with a band shirt they always make you a bit edgier which I enjoy ;) lol!
What I'm wearing: 
Olive blazer: thrift town( $4 truly a catch)
Shirt: target (in the men's section) lol 
Boyfriend Jeans: The Gap
Combat boots: the fashion district in LA ( for $10!)
Purse: Thrift town as well ;-)

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