Monday, December 15, 2014

Leather pants are fun.

This outfit that I wore I tried to put together a somewhat dressy but still semi casual outfit. Leather pants and faux fur are definetly something that is trending right now. I'm so into the faux fur right now you guys probably noticed that from my previous posts haha! Leather pants are so fun to style I'm so glad I was able to invest in a pair and they really weren't expensive at all. You guys should do the same :-) Be bold,don't be afraid to wear them out it sorta makes me feel like a rebel when I wear them lol I'm Jp!
What I'm wearing:
Leather pants: forever 21
Fur vest: Ross ($20)
Sweater: Thrift town ( about 2 bucks)
Button up: Thrift town as well
Necklace: Jcpenney 
Cheetah print loafers: ANDREA (a shoe company from Mexico, it's the bomb check it out peeps!)
Watch: Fossil store

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