Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas spirit at the Oakland temple.

Hello there beautiful people who are reading this todaaay! :-) well I just want to start off by saying how happy I am that Christmas is so close! Hearing the Christmas music and tree decorating and all that good stuff is sooo much fun I loveee it! But I'd like to take the time to say that this is the time where love and kindness should be spread around the world even more than the usual,to show our gratitude for all that Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father have given and done for us, but most importantly to celebrate his birth. Now a days it seems people focus on the gifts and who gets the coolest presents.. Don't get me wrong those things are "cool"but we must remember the true meaning of Christmas. But let me stop rambling and get down to business ;-) lol
Today's adventure was at the oakland temple. My friend and I went to go watch the Blackhawk chorus which btw was amazing! Those people got vocals for days sure wish I could sing like them haha! But the Christmas spirit is definetly felt here, it's beautiful.
What I'm wearing :
 dress: bought at a local thrift shop
Fur shawl: local thrift shop
Heels: Ross 
Anne Klein Purse: Macy's 
Pearl Bracelets: forever 21

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